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Hey friends, I’m Megan!

Welcome to my side of the web.

I’m married to my best friend- whom I truly enjoy spending every minute of life with. We decided to leave the status quo and build a life that feels right for us. We sold our 2500 sq foot house, bought land, and are now building a 600 sq foot timber frame house in the middle of the wood- from scratch. We used the lumber from the trees my hubby cut down to build the house and he’s doing everything himself (with my dad's help!). We aren’t taking out a mortgage because we want to pay for everything and be debt-free. It’s taken us 4 years to do this so far. I’ve begged him twice to hire it out because I REALLY want a home again (glad we didn't!). 

We live in our camper during the summer, and with my parents during the winter until it is finished. I’ve learned that “home” can be anywhere you make it.

We LOVE the idea of homesteading. And I fully support using nutrition as medicine (amongst other things). We are moving in that direction and my dream is to grow all of our food one day. For now, we still use grocery stores and probably always will- but hope to be as resourceful as possible and to grow what we can in the future. We also love making bread and maple syrup- although there’s been quite a learning curve with that!

My husband LOVES woodworking and craftsmanship, so most of what we have has been built by him. I forever cherish that (although I never used to); you can’t buy the sentiment or value that brings. I now try to spend money on things that are truly valuable to us (I mean, we don’t have much space for unnecessary stuff now!). Although, a trip to Target or Home goods will get me EVERY. time.

I left my job as a full-time RN and opened my massage practice to have more control over my schedule and to truly come into my role as a mother. Also, I love integrative health, but my RN jobs (the 4 of them), never let me make an impact on that level. I’d love to work as an integrative health RN one day, but for now, I bring what I know into my massage practice.

I’m not part of any religion but I do believe in God, and I use different types of philosophy that resonate with me to curate my own spiritual practice.

I don’t have a “niche” right now, but if I had to narrow it down- it’d be focusing on building an authentic life and enhancing health. Optimal health (to me) is the foundation to living the best life I can- and it doesn’t need to be as complicated as we (myself included) make it.

Forever looking for my tribe with likeminded people- reach out if this resonates with you!



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Cultivate authentic, high-quality health and living.


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